QoD is now available on eShop for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

The day has finally arrived!!

Quest of Dungeons is now available in EU and US for your Wii U and/or Nintendo 3DS. If you search for the name on eShop in our device it should appear.

Game costs $8.99/€8.99 and allows for cross buy, so if you buy the game for Wii U you’ll get the Nintendo 3DS version for free (and vice-versa).

US Links
Wii U
Nintendo 3DS

EU Links
Wii U
Nintendo 3DS


Here’s the Wii U trailer:

And for Nintendo 3DS gameplay footage that I think covers well how the game works on that system:

Once again thank you for your support and patience while I finished the game and I hope you like it. Looking forward to those Miiverse drawings!

Quest of Dungeons also coming to Nintendo 3DS on September 29

I have great news.

Quest of Dungeons is coming to Nintendo 3DS on September 29.

A couple weeks ago I announced that QoD was being released for Wii U on September 29 but I didn’t had a specific release date for the Nintendo 3DS version.

I spent the last few weeks trying to sort all know issues on the Nintendo 3DS version and I’ve been working with Nintendo to see if it can be released at the same time as the Wii U version. So everyone gets it on the same day \o/



Here are some screenshots


And a trailer:



-Does it support the “older” Nintendo 3DS model?
Yes, game will run on all Nintendo 3DS models.

-Does it support StreetPass?
Yes, see this post (link) for more information about how it works.

-How much?
Game will be sold at $8.99/€8.99/£7.99. I made the game cross-buy so you get the Wii U version for free if you have the same NNID on both systems.

-Does it have stereoscopic 3D?

-How many blocks does it require on SD Card?
Approximately 306 blocks (~39MB). (link)

That’s all for now. Looking forward to see the game reaching your hands.