QoD iOS and Android update 1.1.1 released

A new patch for iOS and Android went live, v1.1.1

There are some differences in what’s new for each one of the platforms, the biggest change being support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on iOS and x86 architecture support on Android.


The reason why there are more tweaks on the iOS is because the Android version was updated more recently. After this update they are on par on features and fixes.


  • Warnings (Low Mana, Choose target) are no longer displayed on top of menus
  • Several improvements and glitch fixes

-iOS specifics

  • Added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • New Difficulty mode “Hell”
  • Achievement added for completing “Hell”
  • Added current Save information when loading (Level, Class, Difficulty, etc) (iPad only)
  • Fixed “Create New Game” screen animation glitch where class selector would jump from off screen
  • Fixed typo in “Pierce Skin”
  • Fixed Store bug where quickly walking away before Store menu completely opens would show the menu empty
  • Store menu now remembers if Inventory was open or not before closing it
  • When playing a new game the last played difficulty is the one used by default
  • New achievement “Listen Closely”

-Android specifics

  • Can turn on 2d light effects via Start Menu->Options->High Performance
  • Added native x86 platform support

QoD XO devlog 1

I’ve been doing a lot of menus and gamepad specifics related work lately.
My first step has been to make sure all menus are easy to use with a Xbox One controller, and while most of the menus in the main screen are usable, inside the game they are not.
Everything was made with mouse in mind at first so I decided to remake all of them again in a different way.
The idea is that you press a button, popup a full blown menu and can use the shoulder buttons to switch tabs, DPAD to navigate items and ABXY for actions.

While this is still a work in progress and subject to change here’s a video of how it’s turning out.

As always thank you for such a great support, I’ll keep you posted.

Quest of Dungeons is coming to Xbox One

I’m very happy to announce that Quest of Dungeons is coming to Xbox One.

The game was released for the first time on Steam in March 25th and the response has been super positive so I’m excited to bring QoD to new players in a “home console”. I’ll be handling the port myself, because that’s what a one man team means 🙂 I will keep you in the loop to what’s happening in the backstage so keep tuned…

xbox one controller